Adopt or Foster A Dog

Looking for a canine companion?

We can help! At our shelter, we provide an environment where our dogs are protected, well cared for and loved. But ideally, we want our dogs to be suitably homed for life and cared for by responsible owners.


We have an Adoption Fee of R950. This includes up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, and a spay/neuter.

Adoption process

Before Adopting:

  • Please visit us to meet all the wonderful adoptable pets.
  • On the adoption application, if you do not have a veterinarian reference, please consider one you may be using.
  • Adoption approval may take a few days.
  • Once approved for adoption, we will arrange a date and time with you to pick up your new adopted animal.

On the Day of Adoption:

  • Payment is made at the time you come to pick up your pet.
  • If you are adopting a dog, please bring a carrier and/or leash and collar with you to pick up your pet.
  • Animals are not deemed adopted until all paperwork has been processed, fees paid, and the animal is released.

Start the Adoption process today


Brody was found as a stray in Joostenberg Vlakte in December 2021. He was found running around with Baxter. He, just like Baxter, is a character. He is a combination of confident and submissive depending on his environment. He absolutely loves people. He is very affectionate and wants all the attention. He gets very jealous if he’s not in the spotlight. He’s an absolutely gorgeous dog. 

He is a puppy (1 year old) and with that comes puppy energy, but not to the extent that it’s overwhelming so he would be suitable for a family with children. He has not been tested with cats.

He’s a real sweetheart. He doesn’t belong in a shelter. He should be living his best life in a forever home with pawrents who love him unconditionally.


Felix was found in Bellville. He is a sweet, friendly dog. Sometimes he is a bit shy, other times he runs the show. It really depends on his environment and how comfortable he feels. He LOVES to go for a walk. Night or day, hot or cold, Felix will be ready for an adventure. He also LOVES getting back scratches.

Bath time is not a problem for Felix. A little splash doesn't scare our brave boy. He’s an inside-outside dog. He wants the best of both worlds. Felix is a forever friend. He’ll always be there for you. He’ll protect you, he’ll comfort you, he will ALWAYS love you. He’ll curl up on the couch with you and watch a movie. 

Felix is 4 years old. He loves people and he’s good with children. He’s good with other dogs. He is not aggressive towards cats, if anything he’s scared of them. But with time he could realize that he doesn’t have to be afraid, cats are friends too.




Dynamites come in small packages. Marilyn is a sassy little lady. She LOVES to run and play. She also enjoys a good snuggle. She’s a dominant female so she prefers the company of male dogs


Big Sally was surrendered in January 2021 because her previous owner could no longer take care of her. She is just gorgeous. She can be very affectionate once she feels safe around you. She enjoys a long walk where she can sniff all the interesting messages left by her fellow canines.

She is 8 years old. She is fine with children but she is very strong so supervision is necessary. She is on the feisty side so she’d be best as an only dog.

She’s been in a kennel since she arrived because we unfortunately cannot integrate her in a pack. This is no way for her to live. She deserves a loving home and a yard to run around and play.  Don’t you agree ?


Katie was picked up on the streets in Bellville. She is such a loving girl. She has stolen so many hearts. She loves to shower you with kisses and just stay by your side forever. She’s so loyal. She loves to go for runs and would enjoy going for a hike. She’s also fond of children. We love our Katie girl so much, we can’t wait for her to finally find her forever home and receive the never ending love she deserves.


Janet was rescued in Ceres. She loves a good stroll but once she's tired, she taps out and becomes a baby that needs to be carried the rest of the way. She might also do this if she becomes anxious. Janet is a lap dog. She LOVES people. She simply wants to be held, a real snuggle bug. She's an absolute pleasure to be around, but watch out because she will steal your heart. Janet is good with children, dogs and cats.


Donna was rescued in Bellville. She has been with us for a few years, absolutely terrified of people. She was in foster care for a few months last year and after being shown lots of love, kindness and patience, she warmed up incredibly well. She would paw at her foster pawrents when petting stops and loved to simply lay by their feet. She just wanted to be close to them. She became comfortable with car rides and going for walks, but only if she is off leash. She is terrified of leashes. She is amazing off leash. She comes when she is called and regularly checks in with her pawrents. 

Unfortunately her foster pawrents could no longer keep her. After being returned to the shelter, she became that scared girl again. She went back into her shell and avoids all human contact. We can’t express how heartbreaking it is to see her deteriorate like this after all the progress she made.

Donna is 5 years old. She is good with other dogs and cats.

She desperately needs to find a forever home where can thrive and never have to look back at a life on the streets or in a shelter. She deserves never ending love. She deserves a chance to be someone’s loyal companion. She deserves a forever home.


Toby is a happy-go-lucky chappy. He is always smiling. He's such a pleasure to be around. He's the perfect combination of affectionate and independent. He is good with other dogs. He is also good with children.


Tucker is one of our golden oldies. He does a little tippity tap dance when he sees you because he is so excited to you. He does a little bow next to you when he wants to play and is always ready for a run. He is good with other dogs and children.




Zoey is an elegant little lady. She is gorgeous and she knows it. She loves car rides and going on adventures. She is good with other dogs and children.


BIBI was rescued in January 2020. She was picked up on the street with Lady.

Bibi is a gentle giant. She is so loyal. She walks amazingly on and off and leash. She loves to run around and play. She also loves a good cuddle and tons of affection. She enjoys meeting other dogs and is also really fond of children.

She is 5 years old. She is good with children. We’d love to have her adopted with Lady as they are extremely bonder and it would likely break their hearts to be separated. She has not been tested with cats.


Lady is a sweetheart. She adores people and she loves to be cuddled. Her absolute favourite thing is belly rubs! Within 10 seconds of meeting her, you'll see her plopping herself over for some belly rubs.

She can be a bit feisty when it comes to other dogs, but she loves Bibi. We'd love to see them adopted together.


Marley is a quiet girl. She is very submissive. She needs a special home with someone who will be patient with her while she decompresses. She is nervous in unfamiliar environments so she needs time to get comfortable and feel safe. Once she is comfortable, she enjoys running around and playing. She also loves a nice nap on the couch.

She is fine with other dogs and children.


Joe was found running in the streets in Fisantekraal with his mother, Jesse, who is also still at the shelter. Joe is on the go. He loves to take humans for a run. He simply loves adventures and sniffing all the messages left behind by his fellow canines. Joe loves his mother, Jesse, but he’s a bit picky when it comes to making new friends. He adores his humans and tiny humans.


Jesse and Joe were found running in the streets outside Fisantekraal. I think Jesse is part cat, because she loves to chase any reflection on the ground the way a cat would chase a laser. You’ll constantly find her looking at the ground in search of a reflection to hunt. She’s really lovely. She loves long walks. She’s fine with other dogs but appreciates having her own space.


Jasmine was picked up on the street in January 2021 with her puppies who have been adopted. She has now been sterilized and is waiting for her forever home. She is a ball of energy and loves to go for long runs. She’d make a great hiking buddy. She prefers the company of male dogs rather than females.




Champ was rescued from an abusive home, but you’d never tell because he’s so sweet and loving. This beautiful boy has heaps of energy so he’d need a very active family. He loves to run and play so he'd make the perfect jogging/hiking buddy. And boy does he love his toys!

He simply cannot get enough of you! He always cries for attention when you walk past his runner. It’s so heartbreaking that he’s always overlooked. He’s so deserving of all the love in the world.

He is a young lad, only 2 years old. He is not suited for young children without supervision because he gets very excited and could knock them down. He is a dominant male so he’d be better paired with a female dog (his best friend is our sweet Katie girl). He has a high prey drive so he cannot go to a home with cats or critters.


Lucky may appear quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she’s love on four legs. She adores humans. She’s such a character! Instead of doing zoomies, she does zoomie rolls. And boy does she love belly rubs! Lucky is a favourite amongst our younger volunteers. She is such an awesome dog.

She’s very vocal when she meets new dogs, but is able to get comfortable living with other dogs as she is currently in a pack.


Mona is love on four legs. She is just the sweetest dog. She loves to give lots and lots of kissies. She is fairly active so she’d do well on long walks or hikes. She enjoys car rides, meeting new people and exploring new places.

She is good with other dogs and children.


Nina was rescued in January 2021. She was in a terrible condition. She barely had any hair. Her skin was raw from untreated mange. After months of extensive medical treatment, she has now grown her hair back and has blossomed into the most stunning girl. She is extremely affectionate. She loves hugs and to be carried around like a baby. Nina is the epitome of unconditional love.

She is also really playful and would make the perfect adventure buddy. She is good with other dogs and children. She is the perfect family dog.



Onyx was picked up at Cape Garden Center with Cosmo.

He is a happy-go-lucky chappy. He simply adores people. He is so so sweet, an absolute darling. He is so pleasant to be around. He makes a good exercise companion, but also the perfect snuggle buddy. He’s just an awesome dog!


Meet our little fairytale princess. Miss Tink carries her petite self like royalty. She has a very calm personality and loves to sit in the sun. She's good with other dogs but has some trust issues with people after being abandoned multiple times. Once she learns to trust she is just the sweetest girl. She is great in the car, on leash and an awesome “let’s do everything together” companion.


Ziggy is dying for love! She just wants to snuggle up on the couch with her forever human. Somehow, she’s always overlooked and it breaks our hearts. She is a combination of affectionate and independent. She enjoys walks and baking in the afternoon sun.




This beautiful girl is the life of the party. She LOVES having fun. She LOVES to play. She could play fetch all day and never get bored. She is a bit anxious in new environments and around new people. She becomes a little baby who needs to be carried around, but once she feels safe she is happy to trot around by herself. She's very affectionate once she feels that she can trust you. Winnie is good with children, dogs and cats.


Jeff was rescued as a stray about 2 years ago. His previous owner was working as a car guard. Jeff came to visit him everyday so he decided to keep him (or rather Jeff adopted him). They did everything together. They spent some time living by the beach and Jeff absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, his owner moved into a small flat where dogs are not allowed so he was forced to surrender Jeff to us.

Jeff is the sweetest dog. He will come up to you and rest his head on your lap then stare at you with his beautiful eyes begging you to pet him (he has a 100% success rate of getting head rubs with this method). He's a water bug. He absolutely loves water, especially the beach. He enjoys car rides and just being by your side, being your forever companion and best friend.

You'll notice that he looks like he's snarling at you, but he has a deformity.  We believe that he was kicked when he was younger.



This beautiful lady is Lexa. She lived on a farm in Joostenberg Vlakte but the farmer decided that he doesn't want her anymore so he left her on the street. That's when we picked her up.

She is absolutely divine. She is so laid back but also loves some good play time with her doggo buddies. She is the sweetest girl. She is perfect for a family with young children. She is also good with other dogs and cats. She's just perfect. Absolute doggo goals.

Lexa is a pleasure to be around. 10/10 chance of stealing your heart.